Natale – Live in New York

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 About Chiara

Chiara Luppi is a singer of Italian-Armenian origin with a “soul” voice, she has studied piano, drama and many different vocal methods. Chiara has a degree in Architecture but prefers to perform both as the lead singer and as part of a choir, she has worked with RTL 102.5 radio, as the voice of “very normal people” gingle, and performed on italian national TV in “The Voice of Italy” 2013, on team Raffaella Carrà. Chiara has collaborated with Gospel and Rhythm & Blues bands, with performers like Larry Ray (the Temptations), Ronny Jones, James Thompson, Cheryl Porter, Wendy Lewis, Mario Biondi, Alberto Fortis, Alan Sorrenti, Umberto Tozzi. She has performed in musicals with the Casanova Venice Ensamble in the roles of “Esmeralda” in Notre Dame de Paris, “Mary Magdalen” in Jesus Christ Superstar, and  the “Nurse” in Prèsgurvic‘s Romeo & Juliette. She has toured Italy as Juliet’s nurse in the popular opera “Giulietta e Romeo” by Riccardo Cocciante and Pasquale Panella with whom she had her first debut as “Cecilia’s mother” and “Perpetua” in “ I Promessi Sposi” by M. Guardì and P. Flora in 2010. She was a contestant in the popular italian festival “Sanremo on line 2009” with her song “Per un attimo”. In 2009 she performed in the musical “Oscuro e la strega” as Arcigna, with Giò di Tonno. Sings unpublished songs with Marco Guerzoni in the recital “Il grillo pensante” and in the cd from the play “Lettere dal silenzio” for Associazione Filo di Seta – O.N.L.U.S.


Graduated at Venice University – School of Architecture; currently attending Steffani academy of music (Castelfranco Veneto); classic piano, school of drama and vocal methods: Gisela Romhert, Voicecraft, Seth Rigs method, Brett Manning. Seminar of jazz harmony with Maria Pia De Vito, master class of  jazz improvisation with  J. Clayton. Seminar of singing with Paola Folli, Clinics Umbria Jazz 2006 award: Berkley School best Artist live in Perugia. Centro Studi Estil: La voce distorta. Associazione Culturale La Ballante: intensive seminar “clown” with Dario Levin.


Performed live with: Mario Biondi, Larry Ray (the Temptations), Ronny Jones, James Thompson, Dr. Feelx, Wendy Lewis, Vincent Williams, Alberto Fortis, Alan Sorrenti, Walter Nudo, Umberto Smaila, Jerry Calà, Mandi Mandi, Fiordaliso, Giò di Tonno, Lola Ponce, Vittorio Matteucci, Marco Guerzoni, Povia and many more.


I Promessi Sposi” by Michele Guardì and Pippo Flora, starring as “Cecilia’s mother” and “Perpetua”. “Giulietta e Romeo” Musical opera by Riccardo Cocciante and Pasquale Panella starring as “Juliet’s nurse”. “Pierina e il lupo. Storia di violenza, coraggio ed amicizia” Vittorio Matteucci’s review of Prokofiev’s “Peter & the wolf”, as “Rosa”, arrangements by F. Malaman, directed by G. F. Malvezzi. Voice of the animals (zebra, monkey, lioness) in the musical “Tarzan” by Vittorio Matteucci, for “Caneva World” amusement park. “Padova Danza company”: as Mary Magdalen in “Jesus Christ Superstar”. “L’Atteso” opera rock: as Maria, by Daniele Ricci. Musical “Tributo ai Pink Floyd”, musical “Blues Brothers” directed by C. Recchia (Zelig), voice in “the great gig in the sky”. Show “Hallo Musical”, with Casanova Venice Ensemble company: Esmeralda in Notre Dame de Paris, Juliet’s nanny in Prèsgurvic’s Romeo e Giulietta, French musical. Musical “Oscuro e la strega” starring as Arcigna with  Giò di Tonno, music by Giorgio Bernabò, Roller team Colours coreography.

Italian radios

Radio & TV: RTL102.5 “very normal people”. Radio Padova. Radio Easy network. Radio Bum Bum Network. Radio Company. Jingle Cannon.

Tv Shows

Title tracks: PASSAPAROLA, Guarda che luna, RAI TV. Tv show “Ho imparato una canzone” Canale Italia, with Povia, Perla, Maurizio Sejmandi.