Live at Fishmarket


La Musica incontra il Cinema

The SOUND TRACKS of well known movies directed by Contantino Carollo

Sunday July 6, 2014 at 9:30pm

Parco Villa Fabris
Thiene, Italy


Stand Up

Live Music by The Soul Trio: Chiara Luppi, Pietro Taucher, Carmine Bloisi

April 17, 2014  9:30pm

Stand Up
Via Palestro 62/1
Padova, Italy 35100

soul poster


Enjoy an evening of Live Music by Chiara Luppi during dinner at Tokya’s Sushi Lounge, as the atmosphere transitions into a Nightclub enjoy her nightlife dance music vocals with popular house and edm DJs: Moscato and Alex Cecil.

April 4, 2014  9:00pm

40  East 58th Street
New York, NY 10022


A Moment of Peace

Chiara Luppi in Concert
Soul for and From Italy

March 29, 2014  7:00pm

Organized by:

A collection of songs specifically chosen for their gift of Peace by songwriters that overcame very human struggles, interpreted by the italian singer Chiara Luppi’s with a voice that is sure to touch your soul.

Chiara Concerto

Village Underground

September 29, 2013